In the 4th International Baltic Sea Choir Competition 9 choirs from 7 countries participated: mixed choir SALUTARIS from Belarus, mixed choir MORNINGTON SINGERS from Ireland, male choir VALKIA from Finland, female choir SIRENE from Turkey, mixed choir HUIK! from Estonia, mixed choir MLADA from Russia and three Latvian choirs: female choir CANTUS, mixed choir JASMINAS CHOIR and mixed choir LAIKS.

The compulsory  piece “The Laughing Song” was composed by Uģis Prauliņš.

Grand Prix winner of the 4th International Baltic Sea Choir Competition was mixed choir MORNINGTON SINGERS (conductor Orla Franagan).

Chairman of the jury was Javier Busto (Spain) and jury members were Linas Balandis (Lithuania), Katarina Henryson (Sweden), Raul Talmar (Estonia) and Andris Dzenītis (Latvia).

Special guest of Closing concert – Latvian Bagpipe and Drum music Group AUĻI.


94,33 points and the Winner of 4th International Baltic Sea Choir Competition who got Jurmala City GRAND PRIX trophy and Latvijas valsts mežu vēstniecība prize of 3500 Eur is mixed choir Mornington Singers from Ireland (conductor Orla Flanagan);

91,50 points, 2nd place and a monetary prize of 2000 Eur goes to – Perm Academic Choir Mlada Choir from Russia (conductor Olga Vyguzova);

91,00 points, 3rd place and a monetary prize of 1000 Eur goes to – Jasmīnas koris from Latvia (conductors: Agita Ikauniece Rimšēvica and Ivars Rebhūns);

89,17 points, 4th place: Salutaris Chamber Choir from Belarus (conductor Olga Yanum);

87,67 points, 5th place: male choir Mieskuoro Valkia from Finland (conductor Saara Aittakumpu);

84,46 points, 6th place: female choir Sirene from Turkey (Conductor Volkan Akkoç);

84,04 points, 7th place: mixed choir Cultural centre of Liepāja Jauktais koris LAIKS from Latvia (conductor Ilze Balode);

83,35 points, 8th place: the mixed choir Segakoor HUIK from Estonia (conductor Ingrid Roose);

76,36 points, 9th place: Cantus Chamber Choir from Latvia (conductors: Ieva Apsīte and Mārīte Junita Apsīte).

The prize for the best conductor in the form of 500 Eur goes to: male choir’s Mieskuoro Valkia conductor Saara Aittakumpu.

The prize for the best compulsory piece of 250 Eur presented by publishing house Musica Baltica goes to Perm Academic Choir Mlada Choir from Russia (conductor Olga Vyguzova).

The best interpretation of unison piece and prize from our supporters Willow Med goes to Perm Academic Choir Mlada Choir from Russia (conductor Olga Vyguzova)

The most attractive performance and a prize provided by Innocent Cafe goes to Mixed choir of Cultural centre of Liepāja Jauktais koris LAIKS for the song ”Tumša nakte, zaļa zāle” (conductor Ilze Balode).

The Audience Award both from voting in the presence and online (sweets provided by Skrīveru Saldumi goes to female choir Sirene (conductor Volkan Akkoç).


Female chamber choir CANTUS

Conductors Ieva Apsīte, Mārīte Junita Apsīte, Latvia

Mixed choir HUIK!

Conductor Ingrid Roose, Estonia

The JASMINA’s choir

Conductor Agita Ikauniece Rimšēviča, Latvia

Mixed choir LAIKS of Liepaja Culture centre

Conductor Ilze Balode, Latvia

Perm Academic Choir MLADA

Conductor Olga Vyguzova, Russia


Conductor Orla Flanagan, Ireland

Mixed choir SALUTARIS

Conductor Olga Yanum, Belarus

Female choir SIRENE

Conductor Volkan Akkoç, Turkey

Male choir VALKIA
Conductor Saara Aittakumpu, Finland

JURY 2019