Female choir VINO ENSEMBLE

Vino Ensemble is a choir formed at the beginning of 2023, based in Helsinki, Finland. Our talented singers have backgrounds in children’s- and youth choirs, and a considerable part have continued their music studies to the professional level. Vino welcomes any singers who fit the soprano-alto-range and aims for equality and inclusivity in all its activity while making classical music more accessible.
The name ‘Vino’ is a finnish word meaning slanted, lopsided or crooked. Consequently, Vino does things with some sparkle in the eye and wants to bring a new, fresher perspective to classical choral music.
Vino Ensemble’s repertoire consists mostly of classical music of various time periods from the middle ages to present time. Vino wants to showcase some lesser known music, especially from female composers. Vino likes to take up challenging pieces with an open mindset and the proper amount of ambition.
The artistic director of Vino Ensemble is Viena Kangas, who has conducted choirs for over ten years and founded CandoMini, a successful children’s choir. Currently there are about 30 singers in Vino. All the organisational and background work is done by a union consisting of singers, working together with the artistic director.
Despite its young age, Vino has already gathered an audience and drawn attention to itself due to its fresh and clear sound, interesting repertoire and talented singing. At the 2023 Tampere Vocal Music Festival the choir was awarded two golden stamps and the prize for the best repertoire.