The Chamber choir of Oñati

The Chamber choir of Oñati was created in 1994 by 12 young choral singers. Since then, the group has grown to its current number of thirtyish choir members, under the guidance of Aitor Biain Bidarte. The repertoire includes all types and times of works: polyphony, folk music spirituals, gospel… The Basque folklore also forms a major and special component of their programmes, as are the works of contemporary composers. For more than two decades, the choir has participated in a wide range of competitions, being awarded numerous prizes, such as, first, second and third awards, best performance of a piece, best Director,… all of them coming from national and international competitions.

Apart from this, the choir has participated in several festivals and has offered numerous recitals in the Basque Country as well as in other venues abroad. Since 1994, the choir has recorded three albums: “SAGATZ” 2004, “AMARAUN” 2014 and “GURE BIDEA” 2018 (will be released in 2019).