Estonian National Opera Male Choir was founded in autumn 2012 with Hirvo Surva as the conductor. It has grown out from the Estonian National Opera’s Boys’ Choir founded in 1971 by Venno Laul.

Estonian National Opera  Boys’ Choir works as a choir studio and consists of concert  choir, young men’s choir and two study choirs in different age groups. The main choir works as a classical mixed choir. After the voice change the boys will continue singing tenor and bass and at the same time join the Young Men’s Choir as well.
The main goals of the Male Choir is to promote the traditions of Estonian music for boys and men, to develop the vocal and musical abilities and value judgment of singers.

Estonian National Opera Male Choir has become known for promoting Estonian choral music both in Estonia and abroad. The choir has participated in many international festivals and large projects. Successful concerts have been held in several European countries, also in Israel, Canada, USA, China  etc.