Ahjo Ensemble is a Helsinki-based chamber choir. Founded in 2013, the mission of the choir
is to perform versatile choir repertoire of the highest artistic level while enlivening the choral
culture with its diverse, surprising and skilful approach. The singers of the ensemble are
long-time choir enthusiasts, united by the love of music and desire to offer memorable
experiences for various audiences. During its first years, Ahjo Ensemble focused especially
on performing contemporary Finnish choir music and working in several cross-genre
productions, which continue to form a major part of Ahjo Ensemble’s choral activities as of
Together with the choir’s current conductor, Master of Music Julia Lainema, Ahjo Ensemble
has lately dedicated considerable time and effort in discovering works of forgotten female
choral composers, both Finnish and international, from the 19th century to this day. In
addition to performing this lesser-known repertoire in its concerts, the mission to make the
choral scene more inclusive continues to be at the top of Ahjo’s agenda. Moreover, the choir
works actively with contemporary composers and gives first public performances of new
works on a regular basis.
Ahjo Ensemble has performed in several Finnish classical music festivals, cooperating with
orchestras such as Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and UMO Jazz Orchestra and recording
for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. The choir has also performed with the Finnish
pop producer Pykäri in several productions. In 2016, Ahjo Ensemble was chosen as finalist at
the International Harald Andérsen Chamber Choir Competition, and part of the choir’s
competition programme was broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 later that year.